Amazon Price Tracker

Track Amazon Prices to Learn More & Sell More

Amazon Price Trackers gather pricing data for products sold on Amazon in order to produce historical pricing charts, price alerts and other services aimed at both Amazon sellers researching their niche market & shoppers looking for deals & discounts.

So why do we track Amazon prices?

Historical Price Charts

Tracking changes in a product's pricing over time can reveal a lot of important information for retailers who need to understand their niche and how to be competitively priced in order to beat the competition.

Shoppers can also use historical prices to work out whether they are getting a good or bad deal.

Bloggers, reviewers and journalists can also share historical price charts with their readers as a quick way to back up their points with hard data.

Historical Price Chart for Amazon Product

Price Alerts

Amazon retailers need to monitor the marketplace for each product they sell via the Amazon marketplace. This means knowing exactly when prices change. Setting up price change alerts (for both drops and increases) helps keep tabs on prices enabling you to react quickly to changes.

Shoppers can also use price change alerts to save time and effort monitoring products for discounts and deals.

amazon Price Change Alerts

Sales vs. Price Comparison

Tracking prices can be extremely powerful when combined with sales rank tracking to product comparison charts that help you quickly visualize the impact (if any) of changing prices on sales.

Being able to understand the relationship between price and sales performance is a vital part of becoming a successful online seller.

Amazon Sales vs. Amazon Price Comparison Chart

RankTracer gives you the power to monitor and chart both prices and sales for any product sold on Amazon. With fine-grained data (updated hourly) you are never more than a few minutes behind the real-time sales and price environments on Amazon.

You can start tracking products now for as little as $5 per month.